Prices in Maricopa subdivisions vary greatly per sqft

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If you had to guess which of the Maricopa subdivisions had the least expensive homes for sale, which would it be? Would you be surprised to learn on average, the least expensive homes are in a subdivision NORTH of the tracks?



There are definitely some great affordable homes in Maricopa.
Senita and Palo Brea have some of the lease expensive homes currently for sale
The Villages has a great price per sqft for the Amenities in the subdivision.
Rancho El Dorado and the Lakes have some of the highest values. (part of the reasoning may be the values of all the homes backing to the Gold Course and the Lakes.)

Please note these are averages.
The column under the green ACTIVE are the prices per sqft of homes currently on the market
The columns under the red SOLD are homes that have sold in the past 6 months only.

There are a few subdivisions where there are builders still building homes like Homestead, Glennwilde, Desert Passage, Rancho (Lakes), Rancho Mirage (closeout)… Builders will generally increase the price per sqft average.

Couple of extra Notes:
1. Rancho El Dorado and the Lakes are all considered Rancho El Dorado
2. Desert Passage and Smith farms are the same area
3. Sorrento, Palo Brea, Santa Rosa Springs and Rancho Mirage have a limited number of homes sold because the number of completed homes is limited.

Bottom line is that every home is different and should be looked at on an individual basis. To get that up close look with a Home Market analysis from a local motivated Realtor, please reach out to me.

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Article Credit: Brian Petersheim